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Welcome to VertaStretch. Fast back pain relief & rapid core development.

Welcome to VertaStretch. Fast back pain relief & rapid core development.

Welcome to VertaStretch. Fast back pain relief & rapid core development.Welcome to VertaStretch. Fast back pain relief & rapid core development.

Pelvic traction

The greatest energy felt is gravity.  Astronauts feel the effects of gravity the most when first arriving back here from space. Gravity works against us daily throughout our lives. This constant force causes compression that eventually leads to pain.  

The VertaStretch is an advance traction table specially designed for sports medicine and physical therapy.  Educating your patients on how to reverse this energy is vital too their health. The use of this equipment produces fast results by the means of passive traction. Traction is medically proven to relieve 85% of those patients suffering with back pain.

By just having your patient lie on a VertaStretch, they begin to feel the reverse effects of gravity almost immediately.  The gentle separation of vertebrae from disc relieves pinched nerves, muscle spasms, and strains for fast relief of pain

Expansion of the spinal column and soft tissue is beneficial for replenishing fresh nutrients to aid in the re-hydration of stagnated cells for fast healing. 

This is a must have tool when working with patients with chronic back pain especially when all other modalities seem to fail.  Working closely with your patient and teaching the benefits of angles and body positioning for isolation where relief is needed is crucial for gaining their trust and for obtaining valuable feedback. The ability for your patient to control the amount of traction applied gives them a sense of comfort because they feel in control.

The added elasticity to the muscles and ligaments makes it much easier to achieve self-mobilization. Subtle fluid body movements that eventually allows the user to gently realign their own spine naturally. 

Our product provides maximum benefits with minimal effort.

Inversion tables have become a popular choice for the individual because there was limited options until now. Inversion was never a highly recommended way to achieve decompression of your spine.  

Many physicians agree, inversion tables can be dangerous to your health by increasing your chances to fall unconscious. Being inverted can cause a stroke or possibly a heart attack by elevating your blood pressure. Many users of inversion tables complain about the headaches from being hung upside down. Individuals suffering with glaucoma or any blood disorders find they cannot invert for any amount of time. 

The VertaStretch is by far a much safer platform for use especially when your client is in pain. The natural position of this equipment allows the user to easily find comfort. You can achieve 3Xs the amount of traction over inversion. This is accomplished by utilizing the fulcrum effect upon angles. The grab points are adjustable allowing for perfect body alignment. The 45 degree angle is ideal for traction because it falls within the natural range of motion. Our device is so easy to dismount because the individual is not inverted and there are no straps that hold them in place. The VertaStretch is the only equipment that offers a complete rehabilitation and exercise program that addresses all of your core needs. 

Our step by step manual teaches you how to best utilize these angles for fast results.

With over 30 years of research and development, we have proven the VertaStretch to be a far superior product over any other competitive devices by design alone.  The VertaStretch is so unique that it is protected by three US Patents.

No other product offers you so much versatility.